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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Assignment for LEM 0620 Section 819

I have a reading assignment for you to do. For those who read this please inform your friends who do not have access to the Internet. It is a vocabulary exercise 1, 2, 3 and 4 in your "The Complete Guide to the TOEFL Test Reading" book page: 188-196. We shall discuss the answers tomorrow in class.

One tip: Do not use your dictionary to get the answers.

Have a nice Sunday!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A New Assignment

Dear students/bloggers of the class,

I have promised to give you an assignment and most of you just cannot wait to do it, right?

I want you to write in your post about an experience that you can never forget. Imagine that you are writing in a newspaper column (as this writing must be included in your newspaper project). Write what you feel about the experience, what had happened, who was involved and where did it happened. It is more of a free writing, so you don't really have to worry about the format. It is like writing an interesting short, a very short story. You can also add what you have learned from the experience that is if you have learned something from it. You may also include a picture that will make your entry interesting.

So, have fun in writing this entry. You have until this Friday, 3rd of December, 2010 to complete it.
If you have any question, just drop it in the comment box.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Jonathan Klein: Photos that changed the world

Assignment: Section 819
Sorry that today’s class has to be cancelled. However, this is an assignment (individual work) that has to be completed during the holiday. It is due on Monday. I will open a Dropbox in LMS for you to ‘drop’ your assignment. As of today, there are only 12 students from our section who have subscribed to LEM 0620 (SECTION 819). If you haven't please do so before the holiday dear...

Here is the assignment. Watch the video linked above and follow the instructions that I have below:
1. Identify the main ideas that you gathered from the speaker.

2. Based on the main ideas that you have gathered, write your own opinions on the topic. Do images have the power to change the world? Use your own experiences in explaining your opinions. Include a picture that is significant to you in the essay.

3. This essay has to be typed-written and shall be included as one of the materials for your newspaper. This essay is to be 'dropped' in your class dropbox (LMS) latest Monday 22nd of November 2010 at 9AM.

4. I would also see your NEWSPAPER frame on Monday. Do bring your laptop (at least one laptop for each group) to class on Monday, 22nd of November 2010, 11AM to 1PM.

If you have any question, leave it in the comment box.
Thank you everyone.

Monday, November 1, 2010



Welcome to the new semester everyone. The previous students are no longer in my class therefore their blogs will be inactive although I do wish that they will keep on blogging for fun. But of course, many did enjoy blogging in my class last semester, I hope.

This semester is going to be a bit different. Each of students is required to create their own blog and link his or her blog to mine and to other friends from the same section. So, new students, how to start?

1. Create a Google Account especially for the blog.
2. Follow all the instruction on the website.
3. Choose a design that reflects who you are.
4. Wait for your first assignment that will be posted in my blog on the 5th of November 2010 (Friday's Deepavali)

Therefore, you have plus minus 5 days to complete this first assignment.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Your Assignment


I have mentioned the assignment in class yesterday. Here are the instructions on how to do it.
1. Choose the 5 individual essays (Task 3B) posted by your friends either from Section 17 or 21. Use my blog to browse for the essays of your interest.
2. Read each essay carefully.
3. Give your comments in their comment box.
4. At the end of the essay, do write your name like this : Commented by: Asfia

You might ask how to give your comments. Give your view on the organization, the language and the content. If possible, give your comments the way I did it when I called you to discuss about your essay yesterday. I believe your friends will appreciate your opinions as they can also learn a lot from them. I will be checking your work.

Have fun!

Monday, August 23, 2010


Apparently, the preparation time given for you during the speaking assessment is only 2 MINUTES. Please take note. Thank you...

Sunday, August 22, 2010



Section 21 (BENL) :

Date: 24 AUGUST 2010
Time: 3.00 PM- 5 PM
Venue: C 3-25
( for Group 1, 2, 3 & 4 ONLY)

Date: 25 AUGUST 2010
Time: 8.00 AM - 10.00 Am
Venue: C2-10
(for Group 5, 6 & 7)

Section 17 (ECONS)
Date:  24 AUGUST 2010
Time: 9.00 AM - 11.00 AM
Venue: C2-14

Date: 25 AUGUST 2010
Time: 2.00 PM - 5.00 PM
Venue: C2-18
(for Section 17, Please contact Madam Zauyah to know your Date of Assessment).
Get ready at the the venue 15 minutes before your group's turn. 
You might not be assessed by your own teacher but don't let that bother you. You will be fine as long as you follow the tips I have given you in the previous entry. Good Luck again. Hopefully with the blessings of Ramadhan, each and every one of you will be scoring your speaking assessment. 

Friday, August 20, 2010

Final Pointers for Your EPT Speaking


Here are some pointers that I need you to read and apply when you are doing the Speaking Test:

1. DO NOT read what you have written down on your paper.

2. DO NOT have to really communicate with the others. Give your substance.

3. Give your points CLEARLY.

4. Avoid LONG PAUSES when presenting your points. 

Have a good weekend and don't forget to practice speaking with your friends. Tell me that you have read this notice by writing something in my comment box. I need to know that you have read this important message. Good Luck to all students!! *Group 17 and 21, please tell your friends from the other groups regardless of their level too* 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


This is a gentle reminder. I hope that every group has started working on the hard copy of the newspaper as the final product that you have to submit. Teacher A might want to see the newspaper too. THE DEADLINE is:

19th AUGUST 2010 (THURSDAY). (for section 17, Madam Z said the 18th August)

I hope you will do the best. Use all the materials you have posted in your group blog. Don't forget the works you have done with Teacher A too. Be creative. I will see you work on Thursday then. 
Above is a picture I found in the Internet. What is the issue here that it worth discussing?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Using Google as a Calculator

Using Google as a Calculator

Who would have guessed Google can help us to count too?

Linking You to Language Forms and Functions for Speaking and Listening Test

Speaking Test is Scheduled from the 23rd of August 2010. We must prepare for this ASAP. So... I have linked this entry to a website that might be useful for you not only for the test but also for your everyday conversation with others. If you found some other websites and you would like to share with the others, put the link in your group blog. Don't forget the deadline for the Task 3B. :)
Below are some of the phrases that you can use when having discussion. More to see in the website linked here. 

Stating your Opinion

It seems to me that …
In my opinion, …
I am of the opinion that …/ I take the view that ..
My personal view is that …
In my experience …
As far as I understand / can see, …
As I see it, … / From my point of view …
As far as I know … / From what I know …
I might be wrong but …
If I am not mistaken …
I believe one can (safely) say  …
It is claimed that …
I must admit that …
I cannot deny that …
I can imagine that …
I think/believe/suppose …
Personally, I think …
That is why I think …
I am sure/certain/convinced that …
I am not sure/certain, but …
I am not sure, because I don't know the situation exactly.
I am not convinced that …
I have read that …
I am of mixed opinions (about / on) …
I am of mixed opinions about / on this.
I have no opinion in this matter.

Outlining Facts

The fact is that
The (main) point is that …
This proves that …
What it comes down to is that …
It is obvious that …
It is certain that …
One can say that …
It is clear that …
There is no doubt that …

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Want to win BIG MOOLAH?

Salam Everyone...

First of all I would like to wish everyone Ramadhan Mubarak. This would your first time fasting in Nilai. I am sure you will fine it interesting and challenging. A friend of mine in OZ have just up-dated her FB status and she was saying that they are breaking their fast at about 5.45 PM. Aren't we all envious of the people down under?

Alright, about the big money: RM 150 for first place, RM 100 for second place and RM 75 for third place. This prizes are going to be given to those groups who win the best newspaper award. I know that we have discussed whether the on-line newspaper can be accepted. Well, the meeting was held and NOPE, we have to send a hardcopy newspaper. I hope all groups from both Section 17 and Section 21 will be taking the challenge and submit the hardcopy newspapers to me by the 20th August 2010. I know some would say you won't have the time to do it... but hey... everything is already posted in your blog. Just copy and paste...

We shall discuss the whole matter at anytime we need to. If you need help, call me or leave your questions in the comment box.

Now.. let's talk about the deadline for Task3B. For section 21, the deadline is at 6AM this Saturday. For Section 17, the deadline is at 6 AM next Monday. Please keep yourself up-dated with further announcement both in the blog and the LMS.

By the way... your EPT is also around the corner. This is just a gentle reminder.
Assignment or announcement?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Task for Section 17

Discuss this topic in my comment box. There are so many social-ills and cases involving innocent children outside home. They face danger especially when they are going to school, Some believe that children must be equipped with mobile-phones when going to school. What say you?

Share your idea, either you agree or disagree. Use the whole day. Be sure that you include your name after your ideas. i.e. I think............ (Laila). 

Let's say you disagree with a person, begin your points like this, Soleh, I disagree with your point... (Laila). Leave as many comments as possible. Be critical of other people's ideas. You will learn a lot. 

By the way, students from section 21 can also participate in this discussion. 

I will be monitoring your discussion from you-know-where.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

NEW Theme: New Assignment

Last week you have completed Task 2B (pair work). This time, you are going to work solo. The theme is Economy. For Section 21, we have discussed in class on Monday. For Section 17, please think of a topic before our class tomorrow and tell me your topic in class. Remember that this is an individual task. 

Let's have fun this week ya!

Why do you think I have this photo here?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Deadline for Task 2B and the others

Twisted Life!
      Have you heard your friends complaining and saying that life is twisted. What does it really mean? Well, to me, life is kind of hectic now (wonder why I am blogging while giving this announcement to you). So, you have so much on your plate now? Worry not. I am going to tell you the deadlines for 2 tasks that I have given to all of you to be done this week and to be finished by next week.

       For Task 2B, the pair work (compare and contrast of the invention of your choice): Deadline: 27th of July 2010. Surprised? I am giving you a longer time to complete the essay (including proofreading and editing) before posting it in your group blog. There should be 2 different entries for two pairs of each group blog. Don't forget to write the writer's names at the end of the essay. Try to write your essay worth reading. 

       For Task in LMS, it is an individual work. Retrieve it from your LMS  Dropbox and SEND it back to the same dropbox. This applies to both Section 17 and Section 21. Deadline: 26th of July, 2010.

Lastly, to those who have not posted the entry on Fast Food, in the blog, please do so. It is a group work.  Now, I have only one thing left to say : ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND. Life as a student can be painful... enjoy it while it lasts. 

Your loving and caring English Teacher.
Do ask any questions regarding these 3 tasks whenever needed in my comment box. 

Friday, July 16, 2010

Inside McDonalds Meat Processing Plant

View the video: there are some other YouTube videos related to the production of McDonalds products. Watch and analyze them too.

Fast food, everyone loves it. Ask anybody in your life who has never eaten any fast food in  his or her entire life. Well, this clip has everything to do with invention. Invention of fast food! 

Compare and contrast life before and after the invention of fast food. Post your opinions as an individual or as a group in your group blog. 

This assignment is due Monday, 19th July, 2010 by 5PM.
Looking forward to reading your work. 

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tasks for Section 17

There are 3 tasks that I have for you here, for today's class (14 JULY 2010) time 2 - 5 PM. Section 17.
Task 1

Do you recognize the two prominent figures above?

Tell us what you know about the two.
Leave your answer in my comment box.

Task 2
Subscribe to LMS, LEM0620(5087) to get notes on Comparison and Contrast Essays. You have till the end of this week to subscribe to it. 
Task 3

You are required to write an essay (pair work) on invention. It has to be a compare/contrast essay.  The essay is due in two weeks. Try to find a suitable topic for your Task 2B. We will discuss your possible tomorrow. Therefore, you need to do your Internet research or go to the library to find sources for your essay today. Bring your sources, hardcopy or softcopy to class tomorrow. 
Click here for more information on famous invention. 

Sunday, July 4, 2010

An Advice for Everyone


Dear Both Group 17 and 21,

I am still here and tomorrow is my big day. Do pray that I will not get panicky and die in front of my audience of heart attack :).

Here is ONE assignment for this week. Remember that in your newspaper, you need to have an 'advice column'. I need you to create one, in a group, what would be the best advise that you can give to every readers that you have. This advise has to be different from the topic that you are doing now. Think of an advise you would give to people that would benefit them emotionally. 

This assignment is due on Thursday. 


Task 1: Group Work : The essay on Nature that you have been working on for the past 2 weeks is DUE this Friday. Please post the Assignment on An Advice for Everyone first and then another assignment on Task 1 after that.Remember to check your essay first, for grammar and spelling. There are 4 or 5 members in your group so, work closely together.
I am still thinking about my presentation tomorrow. You guys have fun while I am away, OKAY!! :) I will be giving some gifts from Brisbane/Gold Coast for the group that has the best essay. GOOD LUCK!

From Brissie with Love;

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Second Assignment for Section 17

*This assignment is actually for Group 17. However, it didn't come out as expected. Therefore, Both Group 17 and 21 have to do this assignment this week. I expect to see the assignment done in your blogs. Thank you :)

I hope by now all groups have been following the other blog groups in the section and also my blog. Here comes the second assignment for both Section 17 and Section 21.

You need to read all the latest entries of the other groups in your Blog List that you have done.
Now you need to read each blog and leave comments, suggestions, ideas, or opinions on how the group can develop their topics.

I hope all of you remember that in the comment box, you need to use formal language as the practice of utilizing this blog is to familiarize yourself and train yourself to be aware of your language.

I might be posting something in our facebook too.

When is it due madam, you might ask: Well, this assignment is due Wednesday this coming 7th JULY Malaysia Time: 5 PM. I will be keeping track from here.

Till we meet again.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Today's Assignments for Section 17

This assignment is for Section 17 since I have to miss our classes today and tomorrow. What is it that you need to do as a group?

1. In your group blog, add another gadget to get My Blog List as I shown in the picture above. How to get it, go to Design and then click on add gadget as shown above.
2. Later, just follow the instructions given carefully. Blogspot is very user-friendly.

You may ask why I want you to do this particular task. Well, I need you to add the other groups in your section and also section 21.

I hope the assignment can be done by 5 PM today, June 30 2010.
THERE WILL BE ANOTHER ASSIGNMENT FOR THURSDAY... Just wait for it. Adios... After this, Inshallah, I will be monitoring you from you-know-where. Have fun people.

Monday, June 28, 2010

How to Write an A+ Thesis Statement

The first video on how to write your thesis statement. 

How to Write a Good Thesis Statement

The Second Video on How to Write A Good Thesis Statement.

Now that you have viewed two videos that give you some ideas on how to write a good thesis statement, please give your response whether the video helps you to understand how to write thesis statement or it does not help you at all. Leave your response in my comment box by 5 PM, Tuesday, 29th June 2010. Thank you.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Good Job


Most of you have submitted your assignment to your group blogs. However, most of the groups, both from Section 17 and 21 have forgotten one more task, (other than providing the summary for your research) which is to provide in your blog the links to your research websites. Here is one example that has followed the instruction given in the previous assignment.

To those who have not, please make amendment in your group blog. It is important to recognize your sources when researching for materials for your own writing. To   ::afiqah:: ::riza:: ::khalisah:: ::zaimah:: ::nabi::afiqah:: ::riza::,good that you have completed the assignment. 

To the others, hope you enjoy the group assignments. Check out their blog at

However, you can also insert the link in your entry for the assignment like Check this one out too. But, your research cannot be done only from one reading. You should read more than one source. 

Another thing that I would love you all to do is to follow the other groups listed in my blog. Here is the instruction:

Do explore the new applications that blogspot provides us with. It is fun. Later maybe you can have your own blog (written in English of course).

Have a nice what's remaining of your Sunday. See you in Nilai tomorrow. 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


What is it about NATURE that you know well? What is it about NATURE that makes your day? What is it about NATURE that makes you mad?

This will be your second group assignment (for section 21) and first assignment (for section 17) that has to be completed by Friday 25th June 2010 for section 17 and Sunday, 27th June 2010 for Section 21. Read the instructions below:

1. Look for articles in newspapers or even better, google for materials on NATURE in the Internet.

2. Identify the issues on NATURE that all of you in the group are interested on.

3. Add links to your blog (use ADD GADGET) on a the POSTING, with the heading NATURE. The sub-heading should be what you have gathered from your reading before 5 PM that Friday too.

4. REMEMBER!! This is a group work. Do it together.

I look forward to seeing your work.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


What to do?
It seems like most of you do not really what to do with the blog. Alright, here comes the instructions that you all must follow closely:

1. Create a gmail e-mail account for your group. (I hope most of you have done that). The name of your group should match your gmail e-mail account. i.e. (combination of sakinah, atiqah, khalilah and athirah) I am just using your names as examples.

2. Choose any templates that you all like. You may use the latest template designer Make sure the Blog Title is: LEM0620. In the blog description, please write the members of your group's names and the group name.

3. The choice of gadgets must be minimized. We will discuss that more next week.

4. Let's not make your group blog too colourful.

5. Lastly, your first post will be today's assignment. I do not mind if the blog does not look nice as long as it looks 'presentable' for now. The interface is not the main point here. The main point of blogging is to see the content of your blog.

Finally, I hope that you will work together as a team. That is very crucial and of course none of us wants to be the free riders.

WELCOME or is it too late?

This will be our first assignment. I am sorry that I have been away since we started the semester. We don't have time to waste then. As I have explained to you during our very short initial class, your group should have a blog. I hope that the first assignment has been completed by you and you have followed this blog so that we can be closely connected. So, get started if you haven't. "teacher Zubaidah will be not so caring if you haven't"
Touching on the group. Each group must consist of 5 or 4 members depending on how many students there are in a section. Each must have  group representative who will also be the manager of your group blog.

The comment box that we have here in this blog is for you to utilize if you need to consult me on anything. I shall wait for the assignment that I have passed to your class representatives, Shauqi and Nadia.

Friday, February 5, 2010


We still have to discuss the possible topics for EPT.. that is if you want to... feel free to use the blog... I mean, the comment box! Wouldn't it be nice if each and everyone of us has his or her own blog?

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Monday, February 1, 2010


I was watching a movie last night. I told Group 5 this morning about the movie. I won't tell you about it here. Aren't we all tired of examination after examination sometimes? Don't we feel like we are sitting on a conveyor belt waiting to be processed to a product that is sale-able? We seek knowledge or we wait for knowledge to come to us? Why aren't we creating knowledge? Well, you have just finished one examination and for sure you are anxious to know the results because in the end because the numbers matter. What you have learned don't matter much. The numbers are more important. This week is the week when we do practices that we have done our whole life. Grammar, the same grammar items we learned 11 years ago. The same rules.

Talking about rules: Footballers play the game, following the same rules everywhere. There is a universal rule for the game. However, the way they play the game is different, right? The issue here is, do we play the game differently? Have we been learning grammar the same way that our grammar abilities have never improved? I am asking the question because I am concerned about us. What's with 'we' and 'us' you might ask...I am referring to all of us. Including myself. We should not stop learning, and if that same strategy we have been using doesn't seem to help to bring any improvement, maybe it is time to change the way we play the game.

Children of IIUM, especially my writing students, to be good at writing to read more. We can only be better at it if we read more English books, magazines of read online newspapers if buying hard-copy is too much for you. Reading is definitely the right way to have better writing skill.

What do you need to do now???

Think of the possible topic that could be asked in EPT for essay. Share the topic with your friends here in the blog. I hope you will do your best. Take care. Set an appointment if you need my assistance.

Let's take of each other.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I want you all to know that it has been great to have all of you as my students this semester. I do hope you have learned as much as I have learned from you. Tomorrow is the day: End-of-semester examination. I wish you all the best. Do remember to plan well and to write well (don't ask me what topic it will be :)). As for your reading examination, read and answer carefully.For the Error Analysis part, just remember what we have learned in class and in the links that I have linked in the blog (that is if you had done it!).

GOOD LUCK tomorrow. Make sure you have good night's sleep so that you will wake up inshaallah healthy and fit to take the exam at 3 PM tomorrow. Don't forget to drink a lot of fluid. Be at the venues: (1) GROUP 5 @ the Mosque hall and (2) Group 15 @ MPN hall 15 minutes before the exam start. If possible, leave your handphone at home (for Mr. Kajang) and at your room. You don't need it for tomorrow's exam.

Once again, I enjoyed having classes with you bunch of sporting students! Remember, we still have classes next week.

This is one of the photos that I snapped during my visit to Agra, India last March.. They have it all on the road there.

They seek for food on the road. Seeing this makes us realize how fortunate we are. Don't be lazy...

Hope you like this one too...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

And the Winners Are!!!

Here's the one I like the most.

nurul husna, nuranati zalikha, shazwani, ayuni nadirah

this is a story about a man who had a big garden and too absessed with it. one day, he was sleeping in his garden and a few minutes later he wake up and ate some fruits from his garden. he also picked some apples and walked to a small river near his garden. suddenly he saw a beautiful woman on the other side of the river. he gave her some of his apples and the woman was kindly enough to give him a loaf of bread. he told the beautiful woman about his garden and the woman was interested to visit his garden. they walked to the man's garden. after sometimes,they saw some children came and the man invite the children to play in his garden. they play some games together. everyone was laughing and smiling happily. unfotunately, one of the children accidently fell and destroyed a flower in his garden. the man suddenly became angry and shouted to the children "get out of here". the children become scared and quickly ran away from there. unluckly the woman felt dissapointed on the man so he left him. after the incident, the man built a wall around his garden and promised not to let anyone in. he was also stayed in his garden to make sure no one brake into his place. a few years later, he was found dead alone in his garden with no one beside him but his flowers.

However, there are some errors in this paragraph. What are they? Do point out, the errors.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Last Assignment Before Your Exam




Over the top!

Here are the two photos I snapped in class before we left for the day. Alright, I have told you what to do in class just now. Submit the work and then I will choose the best story and post it in the next entry.

Have Fun!!

By the way, don't forget, deadline for this assignment is 2.15 A.M, 27th of January 2010. :)
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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Group 15.

This is the topic that you all have to discuss from 3 to 5 PM today, the 20th of January 2010. Group 5, just in case you are stopping by can also participate in the the discussion.

The topic is:

Technology makes communication easier in today's world. Many people choose to work at home in front of a computer screen. What danger does the society face depending on computer screens rather than face-to-face contact as the main means of communication? Are we the prisoners of the progress?

You may click on the topic to know other argumentative essay topics available in this world!

I am sure that you are tired of discussing topic on technology but hey, it is everywhere. Give your opinions if you agree or disagree with the topic.

Oh! The assignment has to be done during the two hours that I have mentioned earlier. Make sure you submit the 'classwork'. We shall discuss the topic tomorrow morning in class. I might call one by one to present your opinion in class also. So, remember what you have submitted.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Topics for your examination


Some of you, from both groups suggested that we use this blog to discuss about the possible essay topics that might come up in the final examination and EPT. Well, I do hope that you will make use of this blog as a platform to discuss and argue with each other. The sharing of ideas is essential as it is part of effective learning. I have 2 suggested essay topics down here. We need points for the each topic. You may out line your 3 main points in the simplest way.

Topic 1
the nation. The more educated and cultured people there are in the country the more flourishing and thrifty the country is. Comment on this issue, argue your decision.

Topic 2
Euthanasia as a way of relieving ill people's pain and save them from the tortures of their illness. Do we have the right to take people's life, if after all life is the greatest charisma?

Other than this assignment, I also hope that you have done the exercises on grammar items especially on phrasal verbs. You can never get enough of that!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Studying Philosophy Is Important

Assignment or announcement?


Here's the topic that I have promised you.

Secondary School Students Should Study Philosophy. Argue for or against the topic.

Before discussing it you should do a research on what philosophy is, I mean, in general.

Your opinions should be submitted from 8 P.M till 9.30 P.M, 6th January, 2010.

Enjoy the discussion PEOPLE!!!!