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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Today's Assignments for Section 17

This assignment is for Section 17 since I have to miss our classes today and tomorrow. What is it that you need to do as a group?

1. In your group blog, add another gadget to get My Blog List as I shown in the picture above. How to get it, go to Design and then click on add gadget as shown above.
2. Later, just follow the instructions given carefully. Blogspot is very user-friendly.

You may ask why I want you to do this particular task. Well, I need you to add the other groups in your section and also section 21.

I hope the assignment can be done by 5 PM today, June 30 2010.
THERE WILL BE ANOTHER ASSIGNMENT FOR THURSDAY... Just wait for it. Adios... After this, Inshallah, I will be monitoring you from you-know-where. Have fun people.

Monday, June 28, 2010

How to Write an A+ Thesis Statement

The first video on how to write your thesis statement. 

How to Write a Good Thesis Statement

The Second Video on How to Write A Good Thesis Statement.

Now that you have viewed two videos that give you some ideas on how to write a good thesis statement, please give your response whether the video helps you to understand how to write thesis statement or it does not help you at all. Leave your response in my comment box by 5 PM, Tuesday, 29th June 2010. Thank you.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Good Job


Most of you have submitted your assignment to your group blogs. However, most of the groups, both from Section 17 and 21 have forgotten one more task, (other than providing the summary for your research) which is to provide in your blog the links to your research websites. Here is one example that has followed the instruction given in the previous assignment.

To those who have not, please make amendment in your group blog. It is important to recognize your sources when researching for materials for your own writing. To   ::afiqah:: ::riza:: ::khalisah:: ::zaimah:: ::nabi::afiqah:: ::riza::,good that you have completed the assignment. 

To the others, hope you enjoy the group assignments. Check out their blog at

However, you can also insert the link in your entry for the assignment like Check this one out too. But, your research cannot be done only from one reading. You should read more than one source. 

Another thing that I would love you all to do is to follow the other groups listed in my blog. Here is the instruction:

Do explore the new applications that blogspot provides us with. It is fun. Later maybe you can have your own blog (written in English of course).

Have a nice what's remaining of your Sunday. See you in Nilai tomorrow. 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


What is it about NATURE that you know well? What is it about NATURE that makes your day? What is it about NATURE that makes you mad?

This will be your second group assignment (for section 21) and first assignment (for section 17) that has to be completed by Friday 25th June 2010 for section 17 and Sunday, 27th June 2010 for Section 21. Read the instructions below:

1. Look for articles in newspapers or even better, google for materials on NATURE in the Internet.

2. Identify the issues on NATURE that all of you in the group are interested on.

3. Add links to your blog (use ADD GADGET) on a the POSTING, with the heading NATURE. The sub-heading should be what you have gathered from your reading before 5 PM that Friday too.

4. REMEMBER!! This is a group work. Do it together.

I look forward to seeing your work.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


What to do?
It seems like most of you do not really what to do with the blog. Alright, here comes the instructions that you all must follow closely:

1. Create a gmail e-mail account for your group. (I hope most of you have done that). The name of your group should match your gmail e-mail account. i.e. (combination of sakinah, atiqah, khalilah and athirah) I am just using your names as examples.

2. Choose any templates that you all like. You may use the latest template designer Make sure the Blog Title is: LEM0620. In the blog description, please write the members of your group's names and the group name.

3. The choice of gadgets must be minimized. We will discuss that more next week.

4. Let's not make your group blog too colourful.

5. Lastly, your first post will be today's assignment. I do not mind if the blog does not look nice as long as it looks 'presentable' for now. The interface is not the main point here. The main point of blogging is to see the content of your blog.

Finally, I hope that you will work together as a team. That is very crucial and of course none of us wants to be the free riders.

WELCOME or is it too late?

This will be our first assignment. I am sorry that I have been away since we started the semester. We don't have time to waste then. As I have explained to you during our very short initial class, your group should have a blog. I hope that the first assignment has been completed by you and you have followed this blog so that we can be closely connected. So, get started if you haven't. "teacher Zubaidah will be not so caring if you haven't"
Touching on the group. Each group must consist of 5 or 4 members depending on how many students there are in a section. Each must have  group representative who will also be the manager of your group blog.

The comment box that we have here in this blog is for you to utilize if you need to consult me on anything. I shall wait for the assignment that I have passed to your class representatives, Shauqi and Nadia.