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Monday, June 27, 2011

The Final Exercise for Section 7 LE0620

Assalamualaikum Brothers and Sisters...

Here's a website that I would like you to check out. There are some possible topics to be discussed. Choose one topic from the page and give two points why you agree or disagree with the topic. Leave your ideas in the comment box below. How to do that?
1. Firstly, choose the topic from the website.
2. Secondly, copy the topic and paste it in the comment box.
3. Next, start typing your points in the comment box or you can also use the Notepad to type it first.
4. If you use the Notepad to type your ideas, copy and then paste it on the comment box after you are done checking your sentences.
5. Lastly, don't forget to type your name under your comment i.e Written by Jasmine.

You are also adviced to check your other friends' work and give your comments. You are also encouraged to give additional information on the topic that your friends have given. Being critical is good.

I will be checking from time to time.