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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Deadline for Task 2B and the others

Twisted Life!
      Have you heard your friends complaining and saying that life is twisted. What does it really mean? Well, to me, life is kind of hectic now (wonder why I am blogging while giving this announcement to you). So, you have so much on your plate now? Worry not. I am going to tell you the deadlines for 2 tasks that I have given to all of you to be done this week and to be finished by next week.

       For Task 2B, the pair work (compare and contrast of the invention of your choice): Deadline: 27th of July 2010. Surprised? I am giving you a longer time to complete the essay (including proofreading and editing) before posting it in your group blog. There should be 2 different entries for two pairs of each group blog. Don't forget to write the writer's names at the end of the essay. Try to write your essay worth reading. 

       For Task in LMS, it is an individual work. Retrieve it from your LMS  Dropbox and SEND it back to the same dropbox. This applies to both Section 17 and Section 21. Deadline: 26th of July, 2010.

Lastly, to those who have not posted the entry on Fast Food, in the blog, please do so. It is a group work.  Now, I have only one thing left to say : ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND. Life as a student can be painful... enjoy it while it lasts. 

Your loving and caring English Teacher.
Do ask any questions regarding these 3 tasks whenever needed in my comment box. 

Friday, July 16, 2010

Inside McDonalds Meat Processing Plant

View the video: there are some other YouTube videos related to the production of McDonalds products. Watch and analyze them too.

Fast food, everyone loves it. Ask anybody in your life who has never eaten any fast food in  his or her entire life. Well, this clip has everything to do with invention. Invention of fast food! 

Compare and contrast life before and after the invention of fast food. Post your opinions as an individual or as a group in your group blog. 

This assignment is due Monday, 19th July, 2010 by 5PM.
Looking forward to reading your work. 

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tasks for Section 17

There are 3 tasks that I have for you here, for today's class (14 JULY 2010) time 2 - 5 PM. Section 17.
Task 1

Do you recognize the two prominent figures above?

Tell us what you know about the two.
Leave your answer in my comment box.

Task 2
Subscribe to LMS, LEM0620(5087) to get notes on Comparison and Contrast Essays. You have till the end of this week to subscribe to it. 
Task 3

You are required to write an essay (pair work) on invention. It has to be a compare/contrast essay.  The essay is due in two weeks. Try to find a suitable topic for your Task 2B. We will discuss your possible tomorrow. Therefore, you need to do your Internet research or go to the library to find sources for your essay today. Bring your sources, hardcopy or softcopy to class tomorrow. 
Click here for more information on famous invention. 

Sunday, July 4, 2010

An Advice for Everyone


Dear Both Group 17 and 21,

I am still here and tomorrow is my big day. Do pray that I will not get panicky and die in front of my audience of heart attack :).

Here is ONE assignment for this week. Remember that in your newspaper, you need to have an 'advice column'. I need you to create one, in a group, what would be the best advise that you can give to every readers that you have. This advise has to be different from the topic that you are doing now. Think of an advise you would give to people that would benefit them emotionally. 

This assignment is due on Thursday. 


Task 1: Group Work : The essay on Nature that you have been working on for the past 2 weeks is DUE this Friday. Please post the Assignment on An Advice for Everyone first and then another assignment on Task 1 after that.Remember to check your essay first, for grammar and spelling. There are 4 or 5 members in your group so, work closely together.
I am still thinking about my presentation tomorrow. You guys have fun while I am away, OKAY!! :) I will be giving some gifts from Brisbane/Gold Coast for the group that has the best essay. GOOD LUCK!

From Brissie with Love;

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Second Assignment for Section 17

*This assignment is actually for Group 17. However, it didn't come out as expected. Therefore, Both Group 17 and 21 have to do this assignment this week. I expect to see the assignment done in your blogs. Thank you :)

I hope by now all groups have been following the other blog groups in the section and also my blog. Here comes the second assignment for both Section 17 and Section 21.

You need to read all the latest entries of the other groups in your Blog List that you have done.
Now you need to read each blog and leave comments, suggestions, ideas, or opinions on how the group can develop their topics.

I hope all of you remember that in the comment box, you need to use formal language as the practice of utilizing this blog is to familiarize yourself and train yourself to be aware of your language.

I might be posting something in our facebook too.

When is it due madam, you might ask: Well, this assignment is due Wednesday this coming 7th JULY Malaysia Time: 5 PM. I will be keeping track from here.

Till we meet again.