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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Deadline for Task 2B and the others

Twisted Life!
      Have you heard your friends complaining and saying that life is twisted. What does it really mean? Well, to me, life is kind of hectic now (wonder why I am blogging while giving this announcement to you). So, you have so much on your plate now? Worry not. I am going to tell you the deadlines for 2 tasks that I have given to all of you to be done this week and to be finished by next week.

       For Task 2B, the pair work (compare and contrast of the invention of your choice): Deadline: 27th of July 2010. Surprised? I am giving you a longer time to complete the essay (including proofreading and editing) before posting it in your group blog. There should be 2 different entries for two pairs of each group blog. Don't forget to write the writer's names at the end of the essay. Try to write your essay worth reading. 

       For Task in LMS, it is an individual work. Retrieve it from your LMS  Dropbox and SEND it back to the same dropbox. This applies to both Section 17 and Section 21. Deadline: 26th of July, 2010.

Lastly, to those who have not posted the entry on Fast Food, in the blog, please do so. It is a group work.  Now, I have only one thing left to say : ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND. Life as a student can be painful... enjoy it while it lasts. 

Your loving and caring English Teacher.
Do ask any questions regarding these 3 tasks whenever needed in my comment box. 


noteandmemo - SECTION 17 - said...

madam,about the task in LMS Dropbox,should we relate with the article or the article just a story behind. thank you - khalisah -

~DibA~LinA~aIn~izzaTi~WahiDa~ said...

salam madam..i have some problem here..about editing the essay in LMS,should i directly correct in and send it to you the correct essay or how???thanx madam...

Teacher said...

Girls... I have changed the deadline for your essay assignment.

siti aisyah kapli said...

assalamualaikum madam..sorry for disturbing u..i'm aisyah kapli from section 21.i want to ask for your permission to change my topic on economy task from 'raise in toll price' to 'money management for individual'.i've tried to leave a comment on your fb but there is no reply..i really need to know whether i can change the topic or not..thank u madam..:-)

Anonymous said...

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