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Sunday, July 4, 2010

An Advice for Everyone


Dear Both Group 17 and 21,

I am still here and tomorrow is my big day. Do pray that I will not get panicky and die in front of my audience of heart attack :).

Here is ONE assignment for this week. Remember that in your newspaper, you need to have an 'advice column'. I need you to create one, in a group, what would be the best advise that you can give to every readers that you have. This advise has to be different from the topic that you are doing now. Think of an advise you would give to people that would benefit them emotionally. 

This assignment is due on Thursday. 


Task 1: Group Work : The essay on Nature that you have been working on for the past 2 weeks is DUE this Friday. Please post the Assignment on An Advice for Everyone first and then another assignment on Task 1 after that.Remember to check your essay first, for grammar and spelling. There are 4 or 5 members in your group so, work closely together.
I am still thinking about my presentation tomorrow. You guys have fun while I am away, OKAY!! :) I will be giving some gifts from Brisbane/Gold Coast for the group that has the best essay. GOOD LUCK!

From Brissie with Love;


lemsection21 group3 said...

Good luck and all the best for you!We will also do the best in our assignments so that we are no longer the lost group in the jungle..thank you for your comment on our last task.Don't forget to bring back some kangaroos for us!Take care!Miss u!

Teacher said...

I got to use the Internet for free at a friend's house. I presented the paper today. Thanks for your prayers people.

Anonymous said...

salam madam! hope you are well. have fun! we are missing you(: xoxo~

Anonymous said...

madam, regarding our newest assignment, do we need to state and create a problem? or only the advice?

Anonymous said...

madam, regarding our newest assignment, do we need to state and create a problem? or only the advice?

hafisasha said...

madam,we are wondering either that advice column should be an essay or just something like quotes or maybe some sentences that can affect people emotionally

Teacher said...

hafisasha, the advice column should be something that you and your friends write using your own words. You may include some quotations but that should be secondary as the primary one should be the advice that you may want to write in an essay form, with no specific format. I have seen some of the columns your friends have posted and i have yet commented on their column.