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Friday, February 5, 2010


We still have to discuss the possible topics for EPT.. that is if you want to... feel free to use the blog... I mean, the comment box! Wouldn't it be nice if each and everyone of us has his or her own blog?

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Monday, February 1, 2010


I was watching a movie last night. I told Group 5 this morning about the movie. I won't tell you about it here. Aren't we all tired of examination after examination sometimes? Don't we feel like we are sitting on a conveyor belt waiting to be processed to a product that is sale-able? We seek knowledge or we wait for knowledge to come to us? Why aren't we creating knowledge? Well, you have just finished one examination and for sure you are anxious to know the results because in the end because the numbers matter. What you have learned don't matter much. The numbers are more important. This week is the week when we do practices that we have done our whole life. Grammar, the same grammar items we learned 11 years ago. The same rules.

Talking about rules: Footballers play the game, following the same rules everywhere. There is a universal rule for the game. However, the way they play the game is different, right? The issue here is, do we play the game differently? Have we been learning grammar the same way that our grammar abilities have never improved? I am asking the question because I am concerned about us. What's with 'we' and 'us' you might ask...I am referring to all of us. Including myself. We should not stop learning, and if that same strategy we have been using doesn't seem to help to bring any improvement, maybe it is time to change the way we play the game.

Children of IIUM, especially my writing students, to be good at writing to read more. We can only be better at it if we read more English books, magazines of read online newspapers if buying hard-copy is too much for you. Reading is definitely the right way to have better writing skill.

What do you need to do now???

Think of the possible topic that could be asked in EPT for essay. Share the topic with your friends here in the blog. I hope you will do your best. Take care. Set an appointment if you need my assistance.

Let's take of each other.