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Monday, December 28, 2009

Better Single Than Sorry.

Assignment or announcement?


Siti Rahmah has informed you about our assignment today. I hope you can do the task within the two hours.

Read the following Book Review and then discuss what you think about the topic. This can be done individually if you want.

Better Single Than Sorry

Better Single Than Sorry A frank, insightful and entertaining book by a glamorous US TV star about how there is more to life than being in a relationship for the sake of it, and how to be happy even if you are single.

'It's time for women to start telling the world - and each other - why it's better to be single than sorry. Yes, it's great to have a boyfriend or a husband, and I'm not suggesting women give up the idea of happily ever after, but I don't believe in settling... The truth is, we know what we're looking for and we must never sell ourselves short.'

Life can be fabulous on your own - the antidote to dating books!

BETTER SINGLE THAN SORRY has a simple, refreshing and powerful message. It's far better to be single than to end up with someone who doesn't make you happy just because you want to be in a couple, feel pressured by society / your friends / your mother, or you want to get married or have kids. She's all for compromising and being realistic, but she encourages women not to settle for the sake of it.

Chapters include:
* Being Single is Not a Curse
* It Takes Guts to be On your Own
* Don't Play Hard to Get - Be Hard to Get
* 50 Reasons Why it's Great to be Single
* But All My Friends are Married...
* Stop Believing You Can't do Better
* Throw Away the Picture of your Ideal Man
* Don't Talk yourself into Liking a Guy
* Basic Instinct - Trust Yours
* What you Want Versus what you Need

Some information on the author of the book.

Jennifer Schefft is well known in the US as the glamorous girl who turned down not one but two opportunities to get hitched to the seemingly 'perfect' man live on TV (The Bachelor and The Bachelorette) and caused massive controversy. Glamorous and refreshing, she has appeared on countless TV shows including Oprah, Good Morning America and the Ellen DeGeneres Show and has graced the covers and pages of People magazine and many others publications.

The topic can be really sensitive. I hope you can be really critical and able to support your ideas and opinions.

Deadline for this discussion for Group 5 is today, 29th December 2009 by 5 P.M.

I will be checking! :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Assignment or announcement?


About your previous assignment, I have to say that I am impressed how critical you can be to each other. I hope the spirit of learning has increased tremendously, outside our classroom. Basically, most of you agreed that parents should be held responsible for the wrongdoings of their children. When you disagreed with the topic, you have to give reasons why you chose to disagree, not to give other externalfactors that leads children to commit crime. You have to stay with the topic given. Do you agree? I would like to remind the discussion participants to keep the language as close as possible to formal one. Avoiding 'text messaging' language will be a great practice for your essay writing. Don't you think so?

Here is another topic to be discussed.

Maternity Leave Should be Extended to Six Months. Do you agree? Discuss the topic by giving your points.

Please do some Internet research on the topic with your partner. You may change your partner or stay with the same person for this assignment. This will be topic we will discuss in class next week after the TICE.

Deadline: 14 December 2009 (9 A.M)

I will post another assignment for you to do individually during the holiday starting Monday the 14th of December. Having holidays does not mean learning stops.

I have linked a website to give you some insight of what maternity leave is all about. This topic falls under the theme Family.

Till then, have fun discussing.

Friday, December 4, 2009


Assignment or announcement?

Read and answer carefully. Wishing you all the best. To those who have not posted your assignment, please do so.
REMEMBER: Exam time

11 A.M. Be punctual.

Your teacher.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Parents Should be Blamed for the Crime Committed by their Children

Assignment or announcement?
Assignment 3

This is your third assignment using the blog.

Dear students of Group 5 and 15

Please do this in pairs. Choose your partner.

This is the task.

Please provide 3 reasons for choice, whether you agree or disagree with the topic. The reasons can be submitted in the comment box in point forms. Each pair has to comment on other people's opinion. I want to see whether my students are able to be critical of other people's opinions here. Get to work. The last day to submit both your 3 reasons and comments on other people's opinions is stated as below:

Date: 4th of DECEMBER 2009
Time: 10 P.M