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Friday, July 16, 2010

Inside McDonalds Meat Processing Plant

View the video: there are some other YouTube videos related to the production of McDonalds products. Watch and analyze them too.

Fast food, everyone loves it. Ask anybody in your life who has never eaten any fast food in  his or her entire life. Well, this clip has everything to do with invention. Invention of fast food! 

Compare and contrast life before and after the invention of fast food. Post your opinions as an individual or as a group in your group blog. 

This assignment is due Monday, 19th July, 2010 by 5PM.
Looking forward to reading your work. 


Teacher said...

to, i cannot leave my comments on your blog.

Anonymous said...


i have drop my assignment in your LMS dropbox.

nur farah asyiqin hamdan
section 21