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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Today's Assignments for Section 17

This assignment is for Section 17 since I have to miss our classes today and tomorrow. What is it that you need to do as a group?

1. In your group blog, add another gadget to get My Blog List as I shown in the picture above. How to get it, go to Design and then click on add gadget as shown above.
2. Later, just follow the instructions given carefully. Blogspot is very user-friendly.

You may ask why I want you to do this particular task. Well, I need you to add the other groups in your section and also section 21.

I hope the assignment can be done by 5 PM today, June 30 2010.
THERE WILL BE ANOTHER ASSIGNMENT FOR THURSDAY... Just wait for it. Adios... After this, Inshallah, I will be monitoring you from you-know-where. Have fun people.


noteandmemo - SECTION 17 - said...

we already add you in blog list. btw,enjoy ur trip madam :)

Teacher said...

That was a quick response. Good job girls.. I need you to add other groups also. There will be another assignment for tomorrow. I will enjoy Brissie! :)

section17black said...

to add you in the blog list just follow you right?? we already do that and to some other group. is that what you mean??

Teacher said...

yes section17black. I have reviewed your blog. COngrats that you are always ahead of everyone.

~DibA~LinA~aIn~izzaTi~WahiDa~ said...

hi mdm.. we're so sorry because we were just realized about the assignment.. by the way, we have completed the assignment..

Anonymous said...

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