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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


What to do?
It seems like most of you do not really what to do with the blog. Alright, here comes the instructions that you all must follow closely:

1. Create a gmail e-mail account for your group. (I hope most of you have done that). The name of your group should match your gmail e-mail account. i.e. (combination of sakinah, atiqah, khalilah and athirah) I am just using your names as examples.

2. Choose any templates that you all like. You may use the latest template designer Make sure the Blog Title is: LEM0620. In the blog description, please write the members of your group's names and the group name.

3. The choice of gadgets must be minimized. We will discuss that more next week.

4. Let's not make your group blog too colourful.

5. Lastly, your first post will be today's assignment. I do not mind if the blog does not look nice as long as it looks 'presentable' for now. The interface is not the main point here. The main point of blogging is to see the content of your blog.

Finally, I hope that you will work together as a team. That is very crucial and of course none of us wants to be the free riders.


Sakinah.Filzati.Farhani.Aisyah said...

madam, have you seen our blog?
we are from group 4, section 21..
its ''

Teacher said...

4 beautiful souls? Interesting. Will link it to my blog now.

Anonymous said...

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