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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

WELCOME or is it too late?

This will be our first assignment. I am sorry that I have been away since we started the semester. We don't have time to waste then. As I have explained to you during our very short initial class, your group should have a blog. I hope that the first assignment has been completed by you and you have followed this blog so that we can be closely connected. So, get started if you haven't. "teacher Zubaidah will be not so caring if you haven't"
Touching on the group. Each group must consist of 5 or 4 members depending on how many students there are in a section. Each must have  group representative who will also be the manager of your group blog.

The comment box that we have here in this blog is for you to utilize if you need to consult me on anything. I shall wait for the assignment that I have passed to your class representatives, Shauqi and Nadia.


ANIS NADIA said...

Task 1

The graph above shows the percentage of CD player,mobile phone,home computer and internet access used in homes in the UK.
Based on the graph,we can clearly see that the percentage of CD player and internet access rose gradually from the year 1998/99 to the year of 2002/03.Same goes to the home computer which rose gradually from the year 1996/97 to the year 2002/03.As for the mobile phone,the graph of percentage fluctuated starting from the year of 1996/97 until the year 2000/01,and rise again from the year 2000/01 until the year of 2002/03.There have been a glaring mid point between the home computer and the mobile phone between the year of 1998/99 and the year of 2000/01.
In conclusion,the CD player is the all time favourite modern technology in homes in the UK.

Teacher said...

Dear Anis Nadia, I am not sure whether this blog of yours is your own individual blog or group blog? I need to know since the assignment is for group blog.