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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


What is it about NATURE that you know well? What is it about NATURE that makes your day? What is it about NATURE that makes you mad?

This will be your second group assignment (for section 21) and first assignment (for section 17) that has to be completed by Friday 25th June 2010 for section 17 and Sunday, 27th June 2010 for Section 21. Read the instructions below:

1. Look for articles in newspapers or even better, google for materials on NATURE in the Internet.

2. Identify the issues on NATURE that all of you in the group are interested on.

3. Add links to your blog (use ADD GADGET) on a the POSTING, with the heading NATURE. The sub-heading should be what you have gathered from your reading before 5 PM that Friday too.

4. REMEMBER!! This is a group work. Do it together.

I look forward to seeing your work.


Anonymous said...

it has to be in essay form, madam?

Teacher said...

The summary has to be in an essay form with the correct spelling and grammar. It does not have to be too long. Make sure you use the gadgets to put the links to websites from where you get the materials from.

Anonymous said...

Okay thanks madam.

ANIS NADIA said...

The effects of love

Nature is everything that exist in the world such as human beings, animals, plants, planets, rocks even weather. Nature is a very subjective word. It means that when we say the word nature, we will be looking at a very large perspective. The common nature that everyone knows is living things needs to eat, needs to have a shelter and needs protection. Part of nature that we know well is that all living thing needs love. No matter animals, humans even plants, we all need love. Example, why some kids are rebellious? Why plants die if we don’t take good care of them. The answer will be definitely lack of love and lack of attention. This is the part of nature that makes us mad. We are all living things that needs to be loved. But, why when it comes to other people, we became so selfish. People who abuse other people is an example of selfishness. Even you yourself need love, so why can’t you give your love to somebody else? But on the other hand, part of nature that makes our day is we being loved. Let say you are in a major depression, and nobody is with you. You will feel more depressed. But if there is someone next to you, willing to hear your problems and always be there by your side, you will definitely feel much better. We all believe in the phrase that everybody needs somebody. Sometimes, we will try to give our best in something just to show our ability and capability to our love ones. Indirectly, love encourages people to improve their ability and encourages people to be a successful person.


The history of ideas about the nature of love indicates general agreement that love consists of two basic dimensions: the desire for need fulfillment, and the intent to benefit the other. In this study these two dimensions of love are described as attraction and virtue. Questionnaire data from two separate samples is used to examine this duality of love in interpersonal relationships between spouses and between young adults and both their parents. Both self-reported and perceived love are measured. For both samples data are presented pertaining to love as a schematic attribute of personality and love as a factor in interaction in interpersonal relationships. Results show that attraction and virtue are separate dimensions of love in both marriage and family relationships. Perceived attraction generally explains more variance in self-reported love than does perceived virtue.

Albert Einstein found secondary education INTOLERABLE. He was expelled for his REBELLIOUS ATTITUDE but he found his niche and went on to get a good education.

So the question is: have or are we EXPELLING the next Einstein without trying to help him or her find their niche? Are we MORE concerned with forcing square pegs in round holes than finding a ways to accommodate children with different wants, needs and ideas about education? Why do we bend over backwards to accommodate different adults but NOT allow are children to be different? It's a MISTAKE a prosperous nation CAN'T afford to make, IF it wants to continue being a prosperous nation. We CAN'T stay on top by burying your head in the sand. You've got to have people with NEW IDEAS.

If we DON'T encourage our children to be different and help them find their niche and then mentor their interests the country is NOT going to be a leader much longer. I’m NOT saying I approve of what’s happening in our schools. I’m saying WE have a PROBLEM that ISN’T going to go away if we DON’T find the cause and then solve that problem. FIGHTING SYMTOMS isn’t the answer.

Based on Einstein’s story (see above), and the success of the Nazi school system (they had BEST scientists), I’d say we could learn from their school system. Maybe their educational system was the secret to Germany's success before the end of World War II. Remember, it was their scientists that made the Russian and American space programs the success they turned out to be. In case you DIDN'T know it Einstein was born in Germany and educated at the Federal Institute of Technology (FIT) in Zurich, Switzerland (was Switzerland really neutral?).

If this country DOESN'T continue to move FORWARD, it will lose its ability to be competitive in the global market because everyone else will be passing us by. Thus by trying to stay where we are, we are actually move backwards because we'll be letting the rest of the world lead us instead of us leading them. We'll be buying technology and expertise from other countries (like after World War II when we hired German experts) rather than developing the expertise in our country.