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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Good Job


Most of you have submitted your assignment to your group blogs. However, most of the groups, both from Section 17 and 21 have forgotten one more task, (other than providing the summary for your research) which is to provide in your blog the links to your research websites. Here is one example that has followed the instruction given in the previous assignment.

To those who have not, please make amendment in your group blog. It is important to recognize your sources when researching for materials for your own writing. To   ::afiqah:: ::riza:: ::khalisah:: ::zaimah:: ::nabi::afiqah:: ::riza::,good that you have completed the assignment. 

To the others, hope you enjoy the group assignments. Check out their blog at

However, you can also insert the link in your entry for the assignment like Check this one out too. But, your research cannot be done only from one reading. You should read more than one source. 

Another thing that I would love you all to do is to follow the other groups listed in my blog. Here is the instruction:

Do explore the new applications that blogspot provides us with. It is fun. Later maybe you can have your own blog (written in English of course).

Have a nice what's remaining of your Sunday. See you in Nilai tomorrow. 


afiqah, riza, khalisah, zaimah, nabila said...

thnk u madam :D

Teacher said...

you did a good job. keep it up. Please do as recommended.

afiqah, riza, khalisah, zaimah, nabila said...

olrite. we will do our best :)

Teacher said...

Thank you to you too.