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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Topics for your examination


Some of you, from both groups suggested that we use this blog to discuss about the possible essay topics that might come up in the final examination and EPT. Well, I do hope that you will make use of this blog as a platform to discuss and argue with each other. The sharing of ideas is essential as it is part of effective learning. I have 2 suggested essay topics down here. We need points for the each topic. You may out line your 3 main points in the simplest way.

Topic 1
the nation. The more educated and cultured people there are in the country the more flourishing and thrifty the country is. Comment on this issue, argue your decision.

Topic 2
Euthanasia as a way of relieving ill people's pain and save them from the tortures of their illness. Do we have the right to take people's life, if after all life is the greatest charisma?

Other than this assignment, I also hope that you have done the exercises on grammar items especially on phrasal verbs. You can never get enough of that!!


Teacher said...


Anonymous said...

Educated and cultured people in any country will make the country more flourishing and thrifty because
- They can improve country’s economical development

- Raise country to the higher level

- Education and culture also improved their awareness and sensitivity

Euthanasia?? I think it is the best way to help those who are suffering from illnesses.
- When the patient is unable to move or even speak, there is no quality of life.

- We have to take care of human happiness. Not their destruction.

- Letting die is more painful than killing.

nick g5

Teacher said...

Nick, you are the first to submit your assignment. Good job. I am not that clear with you opinion on Euthanasia topic. Do you agree or disagree?

Anonymous said...

educated and cultured people will make the country more flourishing and thrifty in terms of economy, social and peace..


Anonymous said...

euthanasia will be done by doctor in certain condition...with the agreement from the family of the patient..
for the part that do we have the right to take people's life in this condition... i think i agree.. because
- avoid terrible condition
- family will be no longer suffer
- provide place for the other patient..

Anonymous said...

topic 1:

i agreed with this topic bacause:

-people can make decisions more
-make new healthy competitions between the educated to contibute for a better idea.
-increse the country experty in scince research


Teacher said...

People, keep it coming.

Anonymous said...

topic 2:

i agreed with this topic because:

-it will end the patient miserable felling which caused by that illness which the patient was facing.
-to end the family burden from need to pay all the medical fee
-can save doctor time for other patients which the patients have more chance to survive compare to patients which do not have chance.

*eventhough it seems curuely to people eyes, but can we see and feel what the patients,we want or not this is only the way to stop it.don't you feel very petty and sad when see people in the hospital which in pain and make sound of that pain?


Anonymous said...

it is agreed that the more educated and cultured people there in they country,the more flourishing and thrifty the country because of:-
1. they can countribute a lot of brillient ideas for country's developing.
2.they also become the pillar of the country.
3.they represent the country as successful country.

it is disagreed that one has a right to take other people's life because of:-
1. it is a cruel manner
2. there are must be efficient ways to recover the illness
3. it is a God's job


Anonymous said...

im agreed with the statement that Euthanasia is a way of relieving ill and save them from the tortures of their illness

nick g15

Anonymous said...

topic 1:
i agreed....

1.more educated society will produce a greater ethical citizens.

2.a cultured society is filled with creativity.These creativity can only be materialized if coupled with an educated society/mind..

zubeir g5

Anonymous said...

i strongly agreed...

1.more educated and cultured people there are can increase the country's development.

2.the country wiil get a good name and will be well known worldwide.

3.many foreigners will enter our country and its will be multiraces.


incek abeep said...

topic 1:

i agreed.;)

1.when there's a lot of educated people,there will be more people that can develop the nation.
2.mixing with well-educate people will help in mind growth.
3.well-educate people will develop the technology and brings the good name of the country through the world.;D

Anonymous said...

topic 1:

it is strongly agreed because:

-give more ideas to develop the country
-maintain the peacefulness of the country
-decrease crime case in the country

topic 2

it is totally agreed because:

-if there is no other choice
-to make the people free from the torture
-family free from burden

>wanabila n rahmah<
-group 5-

Anonymous said...

topic 1 : agreed.

1)help in country development.
2)reduce social problem in the country.
3)respect each other culture by having multiraces in the country.


Anonymous said...

topic 1~

we agreed that the more educated and cultured people there are in the country the more flourishing and thrifty the country is in term of social, economical and financial.

+people become more ethical in behaviours
+decreasing in social problems

+economy more stable
and constantly in good condition
+country become more develop and can compete with other nations

+value of money keep increasing
+project on import and export become more active that will help in increasing
the country income


Teacher said...

nad, qila and wahid... your points are very detailed. I hope that can help your friends to understand the topic. How about the second topic?

Habib, I think, what about those who do not have the opportunity to be educated like the well-educated ones?

Anonymous said...

topic 1:
i agree with this topic...
1. they can give a lot of tremendous ideas for the country
2.can increase the country's development.
3.can improve country’s relationship with other country

topic 2:
i disagree with this topic..
1.Euthanasia is the same as murder
2.Against the law everywhere in civilized society
3.a decrease of trust btween doctors and patients..


Anonymous said...

topic 2~

we agreed that Euthanasia can be one of the way of relieving ill people's pain and save them from the tortures of their illness because

*to solve the problems on catering the quantity of patients that need the help from the appliances more than the suffering patients as their percentage to recover is higher

*to stop the pain that they suffer from

*to less the sorrowful of the family members

*to cut the cost of treatment


Anonymous said...

topic 2:
It is disagreed because
-God decides whether and when a person is to live or die, not man
-leave a horrible mess left behind for others to deal with
-have unforeseen consequences in the future

topic 1:
It is agreed
-gain more knowledge
-make the country become more successful
-can generate brilliant people

>nurul husna&nuranati zalikha<
group 5

Anonymous said...

topic 2:
it is agreed....
1.sometimes we need to sacrifice someone in order to cure others.. prevent pandemic diseases from widely spreading drastic measures should be taken.

zubeir g5

Anonymous said...

topic 2 : agreed.

1) help to end the suffer of the incurable illness.
2) reduce the cost of treatment
3) the last incentive to cure the unbearable pain.


Anonymous said...

I guess I still got ample time 2 settle this asignment..=)

So,I have 2 disagree on the 1st topic

my reasons are..

1) Educated people is less interested in developping his or her country
-When there are more educated people in acountry,the competition for supremacy will be far greater..
-this leads 2 improper usage of their great depth of knowledge because citizens are more focused on personal goals rather than country development..

2)Over-confidence among citizens..
-A deeloped country only comes from a country witha good education..
-The citizens might be prone to think that they have done enough to serve their country..
-This mindset in the citizens will decrease comitment level amongst citizens and thus,provide less support in ensuring the country's development..

3) More distractions in developed country's
-More entertainment and distractions are available when cultured and educated people are present
-This makes a situation where people are more interested in enjoying themselves rather than giving good commitment at work

Madam,I'm sorry for the numerous spelling errors,but I'm bloody tired..

By Ican..

athiraqila said...


we are strongly agreed that the more educated and cultured people there are in a country the more flourishing and thrifty the country is because the people

, can increase the level of the country's economy.

, can preserve the country’s good name.

, can contribute a lot of intelligent ideas for country's development.


it is agreed that Euthanasia is a way of relieving people's pain and save them from the tortures of their illness because the euthanasia :

, stop the pain that they have been suffering.

, reduces the treatment's cost.

, saves time for other patients.

ayuni and liyana said...

topic 1(agree)
1. can improve the country's development.
2. can produce a greater ethical citizens.
3. can encourage the people to compete with each other.

Anonymous said...

On the secon topic..

There are 2 types of Euthanasia..
1)Active Euthanasia
-directly causing death
-Injecting drugs that kill
2)Passive Euthanasia
-Stopping health aids that avoids death
-Cutting of Oxygen supply

I strongly agree that Euthanasia should be legallized

However only if:
1)Death is drawing near
2)The patient allows others to perform Euthanasia onto them

My reasons are:

Honestly madam..
I cannot pick a side here..

4me,only someone related directly or indirectly with a complicated and bizarre situation as if on the brink of death can have the rights to give their thoughts..Death is a very serious matter above opinions and thoughts of us mere human beings..
4me,only GOD himself can take away life and not the creature itself..

Sorry...this issue is to great 4 an inexperienced mind like mine..I'm beat..


Anonymous said...

topic 2


-give chance for the patient to live
-the patient also have their own responsiblity.if they die,who will take the responsiblity?
-can find another way to cure the diseases.


ayuni and liyana said...

topic 2(agree):
1. not to burden their family.
2. prevent the patients from suffering.
3. can reduce the budget of the patient's therapy or treatment.

Anonymous said...

i wonder if i n fellow classmate can present our own outline infront of the class,
so all of us can argue about the outline that the presenter present,
by that we can know about our mistakes or other else that make sense to the topic,
i think it can make the class more interesting,
not dull n cold as always,


Teacher said...

nmq, tq for the comment. Our class is dull and cold?