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Thursday, January 28, 2010


I want you all to know that it has been great to have all of you as my students this semester. I do hope you have learned as much as I have learned from you. Tomorrow is the day: End-of-semester examination. I wish you all the best. Do remember to plan well and to write well (don't ask me what topic it will be :)). As for your reading examination, read and answer carefully.For the Error Analysis part, just remember what we have learned in class and in the links that I have linked in the blog (that is if you had done it!).

GOOD LUCK tomorrow. Make sure you have good night's sleep so that you will wake up inshaallah healthy and fit to take the exam at 3 PM tomorrow. Don't forget to drink a lot of fluid. Be at the venues: (1) GROUP 5 @ the Mosque hall and (2) Group 15 @ MPN hall 15 minutes before the exam start. If possible, leave your handphone at home (for Mr. Kajang) and at your room. You don't need it for tomorrow's exam.

Once again, I enjoyed having classes with you bunch of sporting students! Remember, we still have classes next week.

This is one of the photos that I snapped during my visit to Agra, India last March.. They have it all on the road there.

They seek for food on the road. Seeing this makes us realize how fortunate we are. Don't be lazy...

Hope you like this one too...


wahid,nad,qila said...

tq very much madam, as u r so supportive n sporting in teaching us..we glad to hv u as our english teacher, may Allah bless u and ur family..

from us wahid,nad,qila
lot of loves...~~

Anonymous said...

tq much2..madam.. you are really funny and sporting.., i'm happy to have you as my teachr...hope u always happy and may Allah bless you..


Anonymous said...

tq mdm damn much~
u're such a wonderful person..muahxx;p


Anonymous said...

madam you are the best
thanks for teaching us

we love you so much


Anonymous said...

tq so much mdm for being our teacher and try your best to be kind not only for this semester but for all of ur life..
i gain a lot of new thing from u..
and tq for made me more interested in this language..
may GOD bless u..
c u for the next week class mdm..
tq so much..
love u..


Anonymous said...

-muchos gracias madam.. ;) you have fulfill your promise to be caring throughout this semester. it was so interesting every time i heard your story.
-hopefully everything will be fine this evening.
-to all members of gp 15, best of luck!!!
-not to be forgotten, good luck to members of gp 5.


Anonymous said...

'modern technology creates an inactive lifestyle'...
such a difficult topic madam..
that was the most hardest exam in my life.. so far..(i think).. i was totally lost. i feel bad.. ;'(
i faced difficulties in grammar too..

syahira jimi
gp 15

Anonymous said...

maaaaaddddddaaaaammmmmm zubaidah...!!
i realy miz u...
when u r coming 2 penang..??
come visit me..
ada bnyk asam kt penang..
kn madam suka asam..
by the way,can i say sumthing..??
u r soo sporting n cute... oppsss!!
that the truth..!!


Anonymous said... touching..
btw, tq very much mdm...

shira,, i felt the same thing..:(


Anonymous said...

hopefully i'm able to sit for the ept..
teha, i'm so scared..

syahira jimi

Anonymous said...

me too shira...


Anonymous said...

hai madam...glad t hv u as a writing lecturer..u hv coloured my hope-to-be final sem here...u hv been so sporting discussing many topics n even help me to improve my writing skill (so-called skill)...neway mdm...wish us luck in EPT n hope tht in gombak,i wll gt another lecturer s sporting s u

Anonymous said...

ups...d prvious comment ws from RAFIQREE g15...!!!!!!!!!!!!!