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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

And the Winners Are!!!

Here's the one I like the most.

nurul husna, nuranati zalikha, shazwani, ayuni nadirah

this is a story about a man who had a big garden and too absessed with it. one day, he was sleeping in his garden and a few minutes later he wake up and ate some fruits from his garden. he also picked some apples and walked to a small river near his garden. suddenly he saw a beautiful woman on the other side of the river. he gave her some of his apples and the woman was kindly enough to give him a loaf of bread. he told the beautiful woman about his garden and the woman was interested to visit his garden. they walked to the man's garden. after sometimes,they saw some children came and the man invite the children to play in his garden. they play some games together. everyone was laughing and smiling happily. unfotunately, one of the children accidently fell and destroyed a flower in his garden. the man suddenly became angry and shouted to the children "get out of here". the children become scared and quickly ran away from there. unluckly the woman felt dissapointed on the man so he left him. after the incident, the man built a wall around his garden and promised not to let anyone in. he was also stayed in his garden to make sure no one brake into his place. a few years later, he was found dead alone in his garden with no one beside him but his flowers.

However, there are some errors in this paragraph. What are they? Do point out, the errors.

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