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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Want to win BIG MOOLAH?

Salam Everyone...

First of all I would like to wish everyone Ramadhan Mubarak. This would your first time fasting in Nilai. I am sure you will fine it interesting and challenging. A friend of mine in OZ have just up-dated her FB status and she was saying that they are breaking their fast at about 5.45 PM. Aren't we all envious of the people down under?

Alright, about the big money: RM 150 for first place, RM 100 for second place and RM 75 for third place. This prizes are going to be given to those groups who win the best newspaper award. I know that we have discussed whether the on-line newspaper can be accepted. Well, the meeting was held and NOPE, we have to send a hardcopy newspaper. I hope all groups from both Section 17 and Section 21 will be taking the challenge and submit the hardcopy newspapers to me by the 20th August 2010. I know some would say you won't have the time to do it... but hey... everything is already posted in your blog. Just copy and paste...

We shall discuss the whole matter at anytime we need to. If you need help, call me or leave your questions in the comment box.

Now.. let's talk about the deadline for Task3B. For section 21, the deadline is at 6AM this Saturday. For Section 17, the deadline is at 6 AM next Monday. Please keep yourself up-dated with further announcement both in the blog and the LMS.

By the way... your EPT is also around the corner. This is just a gentle reminder.
Assignment or announcement?

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