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Monday, November 16, 2009

WELCOME GROUP 5 AND 15 OF LEM 6012 SEMESTER 1, 2009/2010


This semester, we will be sharing this together, both my writing classes, ladies and gentlemen from Group 5 and Group 15. Here are the instruction on how to leave your task or assignment (online discussion) on the comment box.

How to leave your assignment in the blog?

At the end of the Assignment or Instruction, you will see comment box as shown below:

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Click on the envelope icon and you will then see a pop up comment box in which you will type your assignment. You can always type your assignment, in microsoft word and save your work. After that, you can copy and paste in the box said.

What to do after you have typed your work in the comment box?

On the bottom of the comment box, you will see this. If you are a blogger using blogspot, use your account. If not, type your name and group number:
i.e Ahmad from Group 5.

Choose an identity

OpenID LiveJournal WordPress TypePad AOL
Publish Your Comment

When must you respond to the assignment given?
I will give you the deadline on which you have to submit your work before the mentioned date and time.

What is my expectation?
Since this blog is created to make you get connected to your friends outside the classroom, make full use of it. Discussion should be done actively and critically.

Hopefully you will find time to participate in the blog. It is interactive and fun if you want it to be.

Your teacher,

Wait for me to post your first assignment!

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