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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


What type of media is newspaper? Most of you did not specify what kind of media is newspaper. I need you to do some research on media before coming to class for the second draft tomorrow. I have checked your language. Most have to work harder in proof-reading your own essay. Please stick to the words limit I have given earlier in the semester to avoid any deduction of marks. Please try to remember what you have written and do some revisions on Subject Verb Agreement before tomorrow. I have checked your essays and here are my comments for the mass:

1. The introduction does not give the focus of the topic. Instead of focusing on reading newspaper, most students give emphasis on reading in general.

2. Some of the supporting details are not relevant to the topics. Please give supporting details relevant to the topics when writing your second and final draft.

3. Number of words exceeded word limit.

4. Refutation paragraph. Please study the format again. Remember my lecture on how to write refutation paragraph. You do not use Point A, B, and C to support your refutation.

5. Of course: Subject verb agreement. Do, please do proof-read your essays before handing it in tomorrow. You must check your language.

6. Spelling: Do make sure you have the correct spelling for all the words. Some even spelled habit, habbits... it is not a rabbit.

There... please be prepared for the final draft tomorrow students... I will see in the morning.

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