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Monday, November 17, 2008

Second Assignment: Advertisements Are a Good Guide for Consumers

I have to apologize to most of you whose comments in the first Assignment was accidently deleted while I was moderating them. Never mind, I have read all and thank you so much for such wonderful response. It is nice to know you all and insyallah you will get to know me too.

Here's the second exercise that you have to submit by 12 noon, Tuesday, 18 November, 2008.

Advertisements are a good guide for consumers. Do you agree?

What you have to submit is just the introduction for the essay. Make sure you do not use short forms and of course, as mentioned in class, you should not use 'I' and 'we' in your introduction.

So, I expect your assignment to reach the comment box on time.

Your teacher.


Anonymous said...

The spread of information through advertisement is widely used nowadays. Without emphasizing on the effect, actually consumers are largely influences and attracted to interesting advertisements. However, advertisements can lead both to good and bad. Many gigantic company such as Petronas willing to pay a lot of money just to get only the exclusive and meaningful advertisement. To what extent the advertisement is, it is deniable that advertisements bring a lot of help but at the same time, can give badness. Many news provide evidences that advertisement lead to bad effect. So, it is solemnly disagreed that advertisements are a good guide for consumers in the aspects of economy, raising awareness and spreading information.

Teacher said...

Dear Anonymous,
Thank you so much for being the first to submit your second homework this semester. Well, in your introduction, you need to have your name written too so that I will be able to assess you.

asma' nahdiyya. group 22. said...

Advertisements are use by the advertisers to promote their products easily to the people but there are many cases where people were disappointed after they found out that the products they get were not exactly as good as it shows in the advertisements. This proves that advertisements are not a good guide for consumers because it influences the consumers to buy unnecessary things, manipulates people's minds and it does not ensure the physical state of the product.

Saipul Baharim said...

Advertisement is a medium for a company to advertise their services or product. Advertisement is widely used by many parties to commercialize their product and services regardless to gain profit or merely as a message for community service advertisement play a vital role in it. Advertisement also educate consumer in many way to become wise consumer .Thus, it is agreed that advertisement are a good guide for consumers as they guide consumer in terms of knowledge, planning and time.

arsalnaa said...
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* l.u.m.i.n.o.u.s La Veyna * said...

- Amina Abdul Radzim -
- Group 22 -

Advertisements are a good guide for consumers. Do you agree?

There are many advertisements, particularly in magazines and newspapers, which are designed to persuade people to invest in buying products. It is said that advertisements can tend to influence badness in some circumstances. But logically, advertisement can be a really good medium as guidance for consumers. Advertising is a marketing tool and may be used in combination with other marketing tools, such as sales promotions, personal selling tactics, or publicity. Therefore, advertisement is a good guide for consumers in aspects of budget, awareness and guidelines.

Teacher said...

Yes... Good that you did not wait till the last minutes to submit your introduction. If you have submitted your introduction, you are also required to leave comments on your friends' submission. An example would be;
Amina, I think your thesis statement is parallel and I cannot wait what your supporting ideas will be for awareness and guidelines. I can guess that you will be talking how consumers can save money when they use the advertisements as guidelines before going out to buy things that they want. However, I do not see how guidelines can be different from budget.

Ira Rozana bt Mohd Asri said...

Ira Rozana Bt Mohd Asri

Nowadays, advertisements are a great medium to promote products to consumers.Advertisements are usually found through media such as television, internet, radio, and newspapers.Through advetisements, consumers get to know more information about the products.However, this information can give drawbacks towards consumers if it is promoted in the wrong way.It is totally disagreed that advertisements are a good guide for consumers in terms of quality, economy and health.

Teacher said...

Another way of learning is by accepting others' opinions and ideas. For example, Arsalnaa, the thesis statement can be improved as you have to make it parallel. What do the others think?

Anonymous said...

Nowadays advertisements become very important medium to spread out the information. Advertisement is a piece of information in a news paper, on the television and also a picture on wall. Advertisement just not a medium to advertise new product in the society but it also good medium to advertise meaningful advertisement and awareness about something important, for example advertisement about awareness of recycle .Many prove that can be shown about advertisements are good guide for people to be good consumers. The advertisement are good guide for consumer in spreading information, spending money and raising awareness.

* l.u.m.i.n.o.u.s La Veyna * said...

Thank you madam for commenting my 'Intoduction'. I was thinking to eloborate on guidelines as how to buy the products and where to get it, also whom they can refer about the products. As for budget, the consumers can determine on how much they must provide money to get the products and able to know if they are affordable or not before making any decision. This are my immediate ideas as for now, and I will think of better ideas later on.

Nabilla Nur Ashraf Bt Mohd Suhaimi said...

Nabilla Nur Ashraf Bt Mohd Suhaimi

Nowadays,technology helps people to do anything and makes people's life easier.Like teelvision, it show many types of advertisement.For example, business, entertainmet and education advertisement.So, people watch and learn more knowledges.There are so many advantages of advertisements.One of the example is a good guide for consumers.As a consumer, they have a right to get a guide from these advertisement.So, they can take the precautions to avoid them from being cheated.It is totally agree that advertisement are a good guide consumers in terms of quality, economy and health.

nurul fashahah said...

Nurul Fashahah Binti Haji Mohamad Amri

Advertisements is a short film shown on television, radio, and other media sources. It works as a medium of promotion and gives information to the public generally. Advertisements also keeps the consumers up-dated with new products in the market and where to get it. It is totally disagreed that advertisements are a good guide for consumer in terms of advertisers tend to cheat consumers by giving false information and not displaying actual product, manipulating people's mind especially youngsters and influencing consumers to spend a lot of money with unnecessary things.

fatin afiqah said...

Fatin Afiqah Binti Mohamed Shah

Nowadays,there are so many advertisement in television,radio,newspapers and any other types of media.All advertising company really put a very hard work and compete with each other to produce the best advertisement to attract the consumers.Advertisement plays an important role for being a medium to promote a new product that is available in the market.When it is exposed to the consumers,the rate of selling of that particular product will be increase.But,is advertisement really a good guide for consumers?I disagree that advertisement can be a good guidance as it manipulating people’s mind,give false information about the product and also do not ensure the physical state of the product.

arsalnaa said...

This is my second entry….

Advertisement is an important content of the media nowadays. Most type of media now contains advertisement where they spread all kinds of information especially on matters relating to consumerism. A debate whether advertisements are good guide for consumers are being going on since its’ beginning and continues until this day. Those who are in line with the idea that advertisements are good guide to consumers argue that it help the consumer in many ways. The advertisements spread the awareness on consumer rights, products information and consumers feedback.

nurul ain said...

Nurul Ain Ahmad Ali

Recently,advertisements provides the consumers variety choices of products .This enable the consumers to have a wide options of goods depending on their interests,necessities,and also their incomes.Advertisements could be channeled into medium several medium such as television,radio,magazines and also newspaper.All of these medium the basic requirements are needed by the consumers.Thus it is undeniable that advertisements are a good guide for consumers in terms of healthcare,financial saving,and social welfare.

Anonymous said...

The first Anonymous is Siti Farhana binti Abu Hasan. From group 22

The second one is Nur Asnani binti mohd Basharuddin.

angelic achu said...

Advertisement is a way of telling people or promoting about a product or service. Nowadays, advertisements are stepping stone for a company to develop. There is no hesitation that advertisements are good guide for consumers regardless the age. Advertisement is the quickest and the most efficient way for a company to help sell their products or services. Television, radio or even newspaper is among networks of providing information about company products to the consumers. Moreover, with people hectic life, advertisements would be guidance to consumers in getting the latest update about whatever new things exist in the market. It is agreed that advertisements are good guide for consumers as advertisement can help people in decision making, can help raising consumer’s awareness, and can help delivering information to consumers. NURUL ATIQAH BINTI ABD RAHMAN G22

syafiq said...

Muhammad Syafiq Amani

Advertisements are very important in this modern world nowadays. Advertisement has been used to promote and suggest new things and products to consumers. Consumers can easily know about something new in market if they are alert with advertisement. This prove that advertisement is really important in business and marketing.

mohd. salihen b. mastor said...

mohamad salihen bin mastor

Nowadays, a lot of medium can be found in order to give informations to peoples. For example, if people drive a car, they can get information about food, products, traffic condition through signboard and radio. if people are at their home, of course they would watch television during their free time. So, in order for a company to advertise their products, they would create an advertisement which can attract people to buy the products.

dzulkarnain rousan b. hasbi said...

Dzukarnain Rousan b. Hasbi
Group 22

According to Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary,advertisement means a notice,picture or film telling people about a product,job or service.Meanwhile,consumer means a person who buys goods or uses services.There are a lot of types of medium of advertisements such as on a poster,radio and television.Basically,advertisements are widely used by those new businessmen in order to commercialise their new products.Moreover,making an advertisement is the popular way in this globalization world to give the information of the product in detail and efficiently.However,advertisements have their advantages and disadvantages which would make the consumer to be alerted.

Teacher said...

Dear students,
Sorry that I cannot come to class for your grammar presentation today, (Wednesday). Something happened and my doctor advised me not to go to work at least for today. Well, your next assignment would be commenting on your friends' introduction. I have done one comment on Amina's introduction and I believe that you can do the same. Please include the name of the writer of the introduction, i.e. Shaipul, ... commented by, Dzulkarnain and ended inserting your name. This will be your assignment that I would have given if I had gone to teach you today. Please do this assignment, and make sure that you have the comment posted by Sunday, 12 noon. Don't have too much fun without me around in Nilai. Make your grammar presentation better for next week. Take care then...
Madam Zubaidah


Siti Farhana : There are some grammar mistakes in her introduction. I think she clearly states her views, about this topic, in her introduction.
Asma' Nadhiyaa : Her first sentence is too long. The eloboration in her introduction is weak. The introduction is short.
Saipul : I think he wrote a good introduction. Maybe he can makes his introduction better by improving his vocabulary.
Amina : A good intoduction and complete with example.
Ira Rozana : A good introduction but I think she needs to add some more details in her inroduction.
Asnani : Good introduction but I don't agree that advertisement is merely an information in a newspaper. Actually advertisement generates revenue for many people.
Nabilla : Some grammar mistakes and spelling errors.
Fashahah : Good introduction.
Fatin : As long that I concern, we can't use 'I' in our essay.
Nurul Atiqah : Very good introduction.
Nurul Ain : Good but she did some careless grammar mistakes.
Abu Arsaalna : Not bad.
Syafiq Amani : Too short, weak elobaration, no thesis statement and he did not states his stand either he agrees or disagrees with this topic.
Solihen : Weak elobaration, no thesis statement and also he did not mentioned his stand.
Dzulkarnain : No thesis statement but not so bad.

Ira Rozana bt Mohd Asri said...

Siti Farhana : Good vocabulary and elaborations.
Asma' Nahdiyya : I think she wrote very long sentences and weak elaborations.
Saipul : Good elaborations and has parallel thesis statement.
Amina : Very good introduction and clearly states her views.
Nur Asnani : Has some grammatical errors in her introduction but good elaborations.
Nabilla : She clearly states her stand although has some spelling and grammatical errors.
Nurul Fashahah : Has some grammar mistakes and the thesis statement stated is not parallel.
Fatin Afiqah : Although she has some grammar mistakes, she has clearly stated a parallel thesis statement.
Abu Arsalnaa : Weak elaborations.
Nurul Ain : I think she has stated a parallel thesis statement and her stand clearly but has some grammatical errors.
Angelic Achu : She has a very good introduction, good elaborations and clearly states her stand.
Syafiq :weak elaborations and didn't state his stand.
salihen : Too many examples written and didn't state his stand.
Dzulkarnain : I think he has good elaborations but didn't state his stand.

Nur Atiqah bt Ahmad Zairul said...

Nur Atiqah bt Ahmad Zairul

Advertisement is basically an alternative method used by the advertisers in order to promote certain products which are available in the domestic market or international market.Variety of mediums are used so that consumers are noticed with the existence of certain new products, for instance, television, radio,newspaper as well as internet which currently has become the most effective advertisement medium.Most people believe that advertisement is a good guide espescially for the consumers.This is because, it gives several advantages such as allowing consumers to plan a save budget, providing consumers with thorough details abaout a particular product and helping consumers to make the best choice.


Siti Farhana:good introduction and elaboration.
Asma' Nahdiyya:no grammatical error.
Saipul Baharim:have several grammatical errors but still have a good introduction.
Amina:good elaboration and examples.
Ira:short introduction and no grammatical error.
Fashahah:short film in radio?and still have a good inroduction.
Fatin Afiqah:i don't think 'I' can use in an argumentative essay and have several grammatical errors.
Arsalnaa:have several grammatical errors.
Nurul Ain:good elaboration
Angelic Achu:too long introduction but have a good elaboration in her introduction.
Syafiq:too short introduction and do not have a detail elaboration.
Salihen:have several grammatical errors.
Dzulkarnain:good meaning of advertisement.
commented by:Nabilla

wafaa zynal abideen said...

Advertisements are everywhere in our daily life. They are defined as public notice offering goods or services, and they can be in a form of tv advert or a job ad in local newspapers. However, eventhough they are said to be a good guide for consumers nowadays, they still have their disadvantages, such as manipulating people's mind, wasting their money and also, cheating the consumers.

nurul ain said...

Nurul Ain Binti Ahmad Ali

Asma- Simple introduction but still a good one.
Saipol-Good introduction and elaboration because u had stated clearly what you want to the readers.
Amina-Intresting to read and good introduction.
Ira-Nice introduction but i think you should add more new vocabulary words to make your essay more intresting.
Syafiq-I think you introduction is too short for an argumentataive essay.Should add more.And where is your thesis stetement?
Salihen-Good storyline but where is the thesis statement?
Dzulkarnain-It is good for you to have the inisiative to search the word in the dictionary but can you do the same thing in the exam?however nice try.
Atiqah-good elaboration with the clearly thesis statement.but be carefull or your words spelling.
Siti Farhana-I think your introduction is a bit confusing as you had stated before that advertisements can bring harm and good.Try to mention clearly your idea but it is a good intro afterall.
Asnani-Good elaboration and nice try.
Arsalnaa-Good sentence but be careful of your sentence structure.
fatin-good intro you stated strongly your stand in the Introduction.
Nabilla-Good try but be careful of your spelling.
Fashahah-Nice try.Keep it up.
Angelic achu-I think you got the best introduction among us as you elaborate clearly and the vocabulary you use made your introduction become intresting to be read.Looking forward to read your next paragraph.

Saipul Baharim said...

Asma-A good one although simple
AEN-Good introduction with some good point, entertaining to read
Ira-Nice but need variety of vocabulary
Syafiq-Too Short
Salihen-Were is the thesis statement?
Dzulkarnain-Nce try but plz use more of ur own word rather then depending on dictionary
Atiqah-good elaboration
Siti Farhana-I was confused with ur introduction
Asnani-Good elaboration.
Arsalnaa-Good sentence
Nabilla-Good effort.keep it up
Angelic achu-job well done

ahmad MOHAMAD albob SALIHEN said...

asma-haha, good, but you can improve.
ain-just nice i think, well done.
amina-your intro is awesome.
ira-hshs,good,but not interesting.
syafiq-although it is short, but just nice.
dzulkarnain-thanx to the dictionary i think.
atiqah-don't be too proud although it is good.
siti farhana-nice.well done.
asnani-gud job.welldone.
arsalnaa-i like ur intro.well done.
fatin-nice intro. keep it up.
nabila-improve ur sentences. go to the consultation with me.haha.
achu the angelic-sorry, ur just too good to improve.haha.
wafa-keep it up.

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