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Monday, January 3, 2011

Yeay! No Class Today!


Yes, I can't come to class today. It is my daughter's first day of school. I am sure some of you remember her. HOWEVER, yes, there is a however for today. Include one more section in the newspaper: AN INTERVIEW column.

Below are the instructions:

1. Discuss with your group members what would be a sensational topic to ask residence of Nilai (can either be one of the students, the guards, the teachers or just anybody).

2. Ask that person some questions regarding the sensational topic of your choice.

3. Record the conversation as it will be easy for you to transcribe (find the meaning of this word in the online dictionary). Make full use of your hand phone (the one with the camera and voice recorder)

4. Include some pictures of the interview: the interviewer and the interviewee or the interviewee only. It is really up to you.

Before the holiday, I have asked each group to complete at least 80 percent of your newspaper project. Therefore, this Thursday, I would like to see more than 80 percent ready. This should include the interview column. This should be interesting. And thanks to Fathi for helping me to inform everyone that there is no class today but there is a mini project to be done!

Can't wait to see your project and make sure bring laptops to class this Thursday too.. I am planning to replace an hour of today's cancelled class this Thursday, like always.

Your teacher who is excited about sending her kid to school for the first time,

Ps: Be wise in choosing the 'sensational topic'.Feel free to drop any questions in the comment box. 

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